"Mo' Maggie" MAGNESIUM LOTION - VERY HIGH POTENCY! approx. 1500 mg/ounce - 250 mg/tsp. - ORGANICALLY based - 8 oz.

Many folks can use a little "Mo' Maggie" (more magnesium)! Most of the population is magnesium deficient. An excellent way to get magnesium directly into the bloodstream is trans-dermally (into the skin). Every teaspoon of Mo' Maggie delivers approx. 250 mg. of pure Magnesium sourced directly from the ancient underground ZechsteinTM seabed in the Netherlands - unpolluted, pristine purity! Our magnesium lotion is VERY high potency, so you're definitely getting "Mo" magnesium into your body! Mo' Maggie is made with CERTIFIED ORGANIC oils and butters which all rate a "0" on the Comedogenic Rating Scale (won't clog pores), so a lot "MO' MINERALS" penetrate your skin & get where they're needed! Mo' Maggie also provides many trace minerals! Let Mo' Maggie work it's MAG-nificent MAG-ic on you today! Our company - Mo' Natural - is family owned & we personally formulate all of our products. Apply Mo' Maggie to any part of skin, avoiding eyes & mucous membranes. Although this lotion has moisturizing properties, it's designed to deliver magnesium trans-dermally & create a more soothing application of magnesium brine (a.k.a. magnesium "oil"), which can sometimes sting the skin of sensitive individuals. Mo' Maggie will NOT feel like regular lotion on the skin because of the high concentration of minerals. Some tingling may occur. Lotion can be rinsed or washed off after 20-30 minutes of mineral absorption, or left on the skin. Ingredients: Pure ZechsteinTM Magnesium brine from the pristine underground seabed in the Netherlands, Purified Water, * Organic Shea Fruit Butter, *Organic Cold-pressed Sunflower oil, vegan Emulsifying Wax (blends oils/water), vegan Stearic Acid (thickener), *Lemon Balm Leaf Hydrosol, *Organic Mango Seed Butter, *Organic Non-GMO natural Glycerin, Penoxyethanol/Benzoic Acid/Dehydroacetic Acid (very mild and gentle preserving medium - paraben free, formaldehyde free), *Organic Hemp Seed oil. (* Certified!) [note: preserving medium is required by law]

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC rich butters and oils as a base! VERY HIGH POTENCY - Approx. 250 mg. per teaspoon! Transdermal magnesium has been shown to give the most optimum and rapid absorption method which is far superior to oral intake! Magnesium applied to the skin can go directly to the cells where it's needed! Mo' Maggie contains many naturally occurring trace minerals for optimum benefits!
  • Mo' Maggie's organic butters and oils are Non-Comedogenic (non pore clogging) and rate a "0" on the Comedogenic Rating Scale (perfect score!), thus allowing OPTIMAL magnesium and mineral absorption!
  • NO added dyes, NO added scents or colors, & NEVER tested on animals! Mo' Maggie contains a very mild and gentle preserving medium that is VERY effective in broad spectrum bacteria/mold/yeast protection. Conversely, "All natural" preserving systems almost always come with the recommendation to add additional types of preserving mediums to fully achieve broad spectrum protection. We offer full protection up front without other chemicals! NO formaldehyde or parabens!
  • Mo' Maggie comes in a convenient "TOTTLE" bottle which can be stored upside down to get out every last beneficial drop!
  • Mo' Maggie's MAIN ingredient of magnesium Chloride brine is sourced from the ancient, pristine pure underground ZechsteinTM seabed in the Netherlands, and therefore carries the GENUINE ZECHSTEINTM SEAL! What does this mean for you? Genuine ZechsteinTM magnesium is GUARANTEED to be free of Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, and Fluoride! Each batch is produced under strict GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 quality control standards. Above ground sources of Magnesium can be subject to mercury and other pollutants.

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"Mo' Maggie" MAGNESIUM LOTION - VERY HIGH POTENCY! approx. 1500 mg/ounce - 250 mg/tsp. - ORGANICALLY based - 8 oz.

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